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    Ultimate Safety
    and Traceability in Transfusion



    • Patient/bag ABO groups and Rh-D verification.
    • Electronic patient ID/bag verification.


    • Fast and intuitive process for transfusion staff.
    • Ultimate safety for patient and institution by reducing ABO bedside errors.
    • Full bag and patient traceability up to bedside.
    • Haemovigilance compliance.
    • Seamless IT connection with LIS through embedded Ethernet middleware protocol.

    ± 3 min ABO group and ID verification at bedside

    ISABO is a Point-Of-Care Testing (POCT) device able to, automatically perform an ABO-D compatibility test at the patient bedside with 100 % reliability.

    ISABO is intended to confirm patient and blood bag identity, in order to control ABO-D blood groups at patient bedside immediately before a transfusion.

    The test is the confirmation of earlier blood bank ABO- and D-blood typing of the recipient. It ensures the compatibility of blood types of the recipient and the blood to be transfused just before transfusion at bedside.

    “Based on 2 patents from ULB, ANTIGON is currently developing, with a consortium of regional and international partners/subcontractors, a first disruptive ABO POCT device aiming to improve drastically transfusion safety at bedside.”

    Thierry Baltus, CEO

    Fast biological test principle

    • The test uses principle of hemagglutination combined to filtration promoted by centrifugation.
    • Three blood group antigens (A, B and RhD) can be assessed simultaneously in separate test units on two different blood samples.
    • A negative control is included for each test.
    • Consumable disks (patent pending*) (transfer system included) can be stored at room temperature.

    Key features

    • System for the reading of barcodes of bag and patient.
    • System for the identification of users through their RFID badge.
    • Capable to manage minimum 10 patients simultaneously with associated blood bags.
    • Autonomy of at least 8 hours (in full use).
    • Charged and connected to hospital IT/LIS through Ethernet via its docking station.
    • Each device upgrades are synchronized with the middleware and applied to all other instruments of the hospital.

    New disruptive POCT ABO device technology


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